HungKuo Delin - 宏國德霖科技大學

HungKuo Delin

The History of Hungkuo Delin

De Lin Institute of Technology was originally founded in 1972.  In 1975, Mr. Lin Yu-chi , the late-chairman of Hung-Kuo Construction and Affiliated Co., Ltd. , became the main financial contributor, but unfortunately he passed away before successfully fulfilling his vision for the school.

With the support of her siblings and other directors of the board, Madame Lin Hsieh, the beloved wife of Mr. Lin Yu-chi, was encouraged by the Minister of Education, Mr. Lee Yuan-tsu (later the vice-president of the ROC).  Madame Lin Hsieh devoted herself to the reform and rehabilitation of Sze Hai, which has since been recognized as a remarkable event to the country.

Special thanks should go to Dr. Hsieh Lung-sheng, who served as the president of the Institute from 1982 to1990.  During his presidency, he was completely devoted to the school administration and the future development of the Institute. Thanks to his brilliant, persevering leadership, he made various significant achievements, and thus laid a solid foundation for the Institute.

Since 1978, the Institute, under the guidance of Madame Lin Hsieh, has steadily grown in all respects. In 2001, Sze Hai was officially upgraded to a vocational college, endeavoring to cultivate moral ethics of the students and enable them to contribute their talents to the society after graduation. In 2017, with the continuing support from the school board and Hung Kuo Group, De Lin was upgraded to University and renamed “Hungkuo Delin University of Technology.”